Trinkatorium 2.0 - Now with even more blinking lights!

H-Hello? Is this thing on? Hello?
Ah, nice.
Hello fellow colleagues, geniusses and friends of complex alcoholic beverages! My name is Taanja and I’m announcing the revival of Rata Sums most beloved Tavern, the Trinkatorium! This Friday, June the 21st, at 19:30 (Midde-European time, UTC+1), wilkl re-open! We have new bartenders, new gadgets and even better beverages! Come, drink, pay!

More Information:
Hey guys. me and my buddy Quexx are trying to re-open a german Rp-Tavern in Rata Sum. We are on Drakkar Lake, but if you want to join us, add Taanja or Quonxx.

We will be speaking german, and while we don’t want to exclude anyone, it’s kind of complicated to include everyone. This friday surely will be crowded, but we’ll continue the tavern from now on, so…if you are english and want to join the fun, write Taanja a PM and try to pick a date that’s not this friday. 

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